What’s New about New Year:

Most of the people look at new year with a hope for peace, happiness, prosperity and better tomorrow while bidding good bye to the past year in relief of another year having passed. This has been going on year after year with no major remarkable achievement of inner peace and happiness.The enthusiasm of new year celebration does not even last for 24 hrs and everybody is back to square one, with the same kind of life, same problems, complaints and disappointments! Why is life like this? Couldn’t New Year been used as an opportunity to bring some positive changes in life? An opportunity for achieving our life goals and achieving the purpose for which we are here on this planet earth?

New Year can be an opportunity to tear off and throw away past impressions of enmity, hurt, jealousy and negativity from the mind like tearing off and throwing away the past years calendar. New year can start with fresh dates with peace, happiness and forgiveness. New year can start with new resolutions (to follow and not to break). Every new year should bring us one step closer to humanity, nature and universal divinity. Every gone year should give us satisfaction for what all we did in the year (not regret and guilt for what all we should not have done). If we can say good bye to the past year with satisfaction and embrace new year with another humble step forward then only we have the right to celebrate new year. Else new year celebration is only for entertainment, sensuous pleasures and would be another year of pain, sorrow and misery. We must learn to ‘live by choice and not by chance’.

Somebody has rightly said that

‘If you keep doing what you have been doing, you will keep getting what you have been getting’.

– Sri. Sadguru Ramesh Ji


Last year I decided to overcome anger and I am happy to say that except on two occasions I could keep my anger under control. On several occasions, even though, I felt like my being cool is misused and misunderstood still I continued to remain cool and I am so happy with the end result. My business has grown manifold and my relationship, especially with my children and spouse has improved so much that, I know only now, what real love means. This year my resolution, as you have been advocating, is to ‘Expect less and Accept more’. Now I know clearly where my final destination is and I know the path to reach it. Thanks with humble gratitude.